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Payment Options and Gift Certificates

Click Here to see some Full Package Price for professionally mounted and framed baby castings

Fridge Magnets and Ornaments Copied from Castings

As add ons to regular mounted castings

Foot Fridge magnets or

ornaments made of Cement.

Fridge Magnets have magnets embedded in the castings

Starting prices for newborn.

Prices are add ons to regular mounted castings

Starting at $60

3 or more then $50 each

5 or more $40

Ornaments with ribbon to hang them on the wall or Christmas tree

Start at $50 Each

White castings


All copes can be done in any special finish extra

Unbreakable Resin

Prices are add ons to

regular mounted castings

Hand or Foot fridge Magnets

made of unbreakable resin.

Starting prices for newborn

1 resin fridge magnet or ornament $100

3 or more $65 each


5 or more  $55 each

White pearled resin 


or special pricing for metalic or cold cast resin(metal with-in resin) or foundry bronze.



Unbreakable white pearl resin fridge magnets!

Magnets are hidden and embedded into the resin, as many as can fit, very strong magnet strength.




  Makes a Great Gift for any occasion! 

 A popular gift idea for grandparents.


Since I don't have a fridge in my studio I framed a piece of metal to display my fridge magnets

We can make copies of your babies hand and foot castings!

 For fridge magnets or for mounting on other objects.

As many as you want!

Makes a great gift!

Baby to Adult

 Hands and Feet