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Prenatal Castings  We offer 2 types of Prenatal Castings.



Prenatal Belly Masking

With Belly Masking I apply layers of plaster bandages to the body, after the bandages have hardened I gently pull it off the body and this is what we use for the finished piece. I then smooth on a plaster compound to the outside. It is ready to apply any paint effect or decoration,

Professionally done for you! Prices start a

Belly Bowl $230 painted $330

$300.00-Belly and chest

Special paint jobs start at $400


Call or email for more details.





























Prenatal Alginate Lifecasting

Done with an alginate moulding material and are usually done at 4 weeks before delivery date!

More on Alginate 

These castings require many hours of effort to create

the beautiful finished piece.

The difference between the belly masking and Parental Belly

Life-Castings is that I take an actual mould of the

body and pour my casting stone into that mould.

I then apply layers of this gypsum cement

and in between these layers

I put the hanger and fiber mesh for extra support. 

When the cement has cured enough it is then that I pull it from the mould, thus capturing and exact

duplicate of your body.

Finished Castings start at $750 for belly plus arm and one hand or belly and chest.

Full torso: knees to neck Start at $1200

To hang on wall.

Floor bases extra.





Ceramic Belly Bowl

Alginate belly bowl made into a ceramic bowl that you can use as a punch bowl, Salad bowl, soup whatever you can think of.

It is also dishwasher safe and can be used in your oven.

I took the mould from Blanka and cast it in cement then I took it to a local ceramic artist and she used my copy of Blanka's belly to make the bowl. She then glazed it with Blanka's choice of colours and pattern. 

Starting at $500.00

Prices vary depending on glaze and pattern choices.

Here you can see  Blanka's belly button.

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Calgary City TV Channel 8

June 25 and 26, 2007

Andrea with a White Porcelain finish

AS seen on TV

Diane and Andrea where featured  doing a pre-natal belly lifecast









2004 with a pewter and silver finish



Don and Stefanie

Copper and White gold hands