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Being an Artist,  painting with different mediums for many years has given me the capability to create great finishes on all of my castings.

Some of my finishes take quite a bit of time to achieve.

All finishes can be applied to Hands, Feet, Faces and Body Castings

My blended antique finishes can take up to 2 hours over a 2 day process.

 I love the end result, and so do my clients.

Having the little creases and wrinkles stand out  by an antiquing effect really make them extra special.

Antique Silver,  Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Antique Gold or Pewter.



Shiny Silver, Shiny Gold, Shiny White Gold, Shiny Copper and Chrome,




Other finishes include Bronze, gun metal, gold, pewter, copper, chrome and pearl.

The price depends on the type of casting you pick, the finish, and the size of the castings.

Special finishes per hand or foot start at $5 up to $25 each.

White pearl or white shimmer finish is included in pricing






Antique Bronze














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