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Traditional Baby Shoe Bronzing!

by A Canadian Bronzing Company that has been in business since 1948!

 We can bronze almost anything!

This process is electroplating, the shoes are plated in real copper metal, the term "Baby Shoe Bronzing" was given to this process many years ago.

This is not the same as real bronze statues, bronze statues are made of a solid and mostly hollow metal
(the big ones) with copper being only one of the metals in it. The statues are cast from what is called the lost wax process where molten bronze metal is poured into the mold to replace the wax.

Baby Shoe bronzing is not even close to this process.

Perhaps if the process of plating baby shoes were invented today

it would have been called something else.

. Each piece is plated, buffed and protected by hand by one person.  All of his work is guaranteed.



Email for a quote. Please provide measurements in inches and a photo if possible.

Only available in Canada

info@DianeRossong.com  In Calgary 403-230-3134

When emailing please leave a phone number and Please check your spam folder for email messages back.

email info@DianeRossong.com

Traditional Baby Shoe Bronzing


Special Items Bronzed

All of these special items have their own story!


Picture  shows Antique Bronze.

2 unmounted regular sized infant baby shoes

$200 plus gst Antique Bronze

5 Inches in length and under



Mounted on Solid Walnut Bookends

Only available in Solid Walnut!

$275.00 plus gst


Antique Police Radar Gun, Bronzed as a retirement gift.

Mounted on Solid Walnut 

$250.00 plus gst


Ballet Shoes



This is an actual Shoe box that we bronzed on the inside as well as the outside.

It was bronzed for a retirement gift for a much appreciated accountant.

He apparently received many shoe boxes full of receipts in the 32 years of employment with the company.

Image may contain: shoes

Mounted on 5x7 black ash laminated plaque




3 Wrenches mounted on granite with company logo
Welding Glove




Show Us your Shorts

Film Festival

Antique Silver


Calgary Italian Folk Dancers

25 Year Anniversary 2013




Batnan Mask Bronzed



Bronzed Phez hat
Bronzed Hooters Shorts
Bronzed Goat Skull for a Trophy

For Coast longboarding

Bronzed Hockey Stick


Please call or email for more details


In Calgary 403-230-3134








2 Baby Shoes mounted on Solid Walnut, Italian Marble (white), or Metal.


Baby foot antique bronze plating.

Varying prices according to the size of hand or foot  plus the cost of your casting.







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Baby Shoe bronzing



Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing

Baby Shoe bronzing