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Alginate is a powder made from seaweed. I mix it with warm water and  it turns into a  mixture like the consistency of extra thick cake batter, then after a minute or two (just enough time to mix it and quickly put the hand or foot into it)  it turns into a rubbery mould.  Dentists use this product to take impressions of our teeth. The formula I use does not have any flavouring in it.

  It is very safe, odourless, warm and comfortable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

After testing many different types of Alginate, A Lasting Impression has chosen a very high quality alginate that  you certainly can not buy at your local craft store, it is designed perfectly for taking your precious babies hand and foot castings.  

  We use warm water to mix with it, so that your baby does not feel uncomfortable, the temperature is about the same as you would use to give them a bath.  The alginate solidifies into  the rubber mould, we then pull out the hand or foot.

 For face and Body casting a slower setting alginate is used,  layers of plaster bandages and gypsum are applied, to create a hard shell.

Along with our special technique the castings come out with unbelievable detail.

Gypsum cement: After the mould is made we then pour in our special gypsum mixture, which hardens to a very hard white stone. The psi of our stone is about 7,000 lbs.  which means it is about 3 times stronger than your regular plaster of paris.