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All Dog and Cat Paws can be mounted the same as any other hand and foot castings from this website!

Prices for animal paws depend on how big they are, from Molly's size described below two castings are 50-$75 then framing is extra. more pricing below.

Molly's little paws front

The back of Molly's Castings

White Pearl Finish


Molly's Shadow Box

Total package starts at $224.95


Starts at $120


These cat paw impression were sent to me after their little guy passed away.

 As you can see I did a few things with them.

First I reproduce them so that we could work with them since my client used a water based clay they would not survive the bronzing tank.





Here the reproductions are bronzed (plated in copper then antiqued and clear coated)

I then took a raised impression from one of the reproduced casts shaped it and then made a silicone mould of it and then made cold cast bronze key chains.









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