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Under construction

Custom Framed Hand and foot Castings

Without glass

Starting at $225 plus gst

Basic frames and white or white pearl finish

With a large selection of picture/gallery frame moulding to choose from to suit any budget or taste!

Basic frames included in starter price, plus many more for upgrades



$225 with engraved plate $245 plus gst



The package with special antiqued bronze finish on castings to match frame $425 plus gst.

White or white pearl finish $225



With this finish or similar $325 White or white pearl finish



Same as picture on the left, this package with upgraged frame, special paint finish on castings to match the frame and engraved plate

325 plus gst

2 hands 2 feet starting at $375. White or white pearl finish.

This package or similar with upgraded frame, finish on castings and engraved plate. $550 plus gst

Extra special custom built and painted frame, with special metallic painted background and beautiful antiqued silver finish on casts. $400 plus gst


17 Month old, special finish, upgraded frame and engraved plate

$350 plus gst



New born upgraded frame, finish and engraved plate $325 plus gst






Frame was upgraded but has been discontinued for many years I just love this one$350











Please feel free to email Diane with any questions.










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