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Art Epoxy Resin

Crystal Clear

High Gloss

Self leveling

UV protetion

VOC free


Conforms with ASTM D-4236

As with all resins wear proper PPE

Manufactured for

A lasting Impression

Artistic Castings


Pick up from my studio NE Calgary. Call or email to order and arrange pick up. Free Shipping in Canada

E-transfer, Visa, Master Card, debit or cash on pick up.



 For a limited time I will be offering the same epoxy resin that I personally use for my resin paintings since 2017.

I have 15 years experience with different kinds of resin and 6 years with epoxy resin

In 6 years I have tried many brands of epoxy resin from top name to lower and this one performs like the top brand, might even be clearer and more uv resistant.

Visit my instagram to see all the resin art I have created with it.

Free Shipping in Canada!

2 1/4 gallon kit $160 plus gst

Each container holds an extra 19oz

147 ounces each part A and B

instead of 128 oz in a gallon

for a total of 256ozs

38 ozs extra

$160 plus gst

34 oz kit $50 plus gst

And you get an extra ounce in each bottle

17oz of Part A 17 oz of part B


16oz kit 8oz part A 8 oz part B

$35 plus gst

2 1/4 Gallon kit 256oz $160 plus gst

34 oz kit $50.00 plus gst

16 oz kit $35.00 plus gst

Free shipping in Canada